[Pre-order] Birdfy Nest - Dual Camera Smart Bird House

$289.00 USD

Birdfy Nest: World’s First Smart Bird House for Bird Nesting and Hatching

A smart birdhouse with dual HD close-up cameras and AI recognition: capture and cherish the beauty of birds life on your phone anytime anywhere.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Birdfy Nest
  •  Wooden Entrance Hole (3 sizes)

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*Note: Ships in July 2023.

Introducing “Birdfy Nest”,
The Dual Cameras Smart Bird House

Capture and Share Your Bird Moments

Easily capture and share your feathered friend's nesting and incubation journey with automatic video generation, all at the touch of a button.

Intelligent Motion Detection with AI Technology

Explore the captivating realm of birds with Birdfy Nest.

Use AI technology with Birdfy Nest to easily track and identify birds' nesting and incubation stages and view insightful videos.

Sustainable & Environment Friendly

We use strong and resilient bamboo, it's a highly renewable material that grows faster and uses less water and pesticides than wood.

By using bamboo, we can create a better habitat for both birds and humans.

Pre-order to get FREE Netvue Solar Panel

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